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Where Can I Get Complete ICO Services?

Where Can I Get Complete ICO Services?

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·Jan 7, 2020·

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ICO stands for Initial coin offering is one of the many forms of regulated capital raise. A company conducts a token sale event to raise capital and represent its investment. A token that doesn't pass the howdy test is called utility tokens enables the token holder to utilize the particular services or product.

Who provides the complete ICO Services?

Launching an ICO is not an easy one because it requires some of the legal activities like KYC/AML verification on investors, etc. so most of the people engaging the Initial coin offering services provider they have a rich set of experts and consultant who assist to launch ICO.

ICOCLONE is a leading ICO development company that has worked across 50+ successful ICO projects and the startups are now reaping a major source of income!

To know what they offered in ICO Solutions

Pre ICO Launch Services

Website/ landing Page Development

A landing page is important to build your brand and a great way to drive traffic. they provide an informative, secure and user-friendly landing page that enables the token sale to the investors in a hassle-free manner. They create a landing page according to the needs of your blockchain project.

White Paper Development

A white paper is a document or the first presentation for your potential investors. They develop the white paper include the market research, token sale, roadmap and the team behind the project.

ICO Development Services

ICO Token Development

With a team of technical experts develops the ICO token with the smart contract. they provide the best ICO dashboard for you to manage KYC/AML records, accredited investors, fundraising and the investments.

Custodian Integration

They offering custodian integration services to verifies the accredited investors like KYC/AML the process of verifying the investor's identity before offering your ICO tokens.

Post ICO Services

Technical support

The technical team provides online and offline support for your entire initial coin offering process. they organize the technical supports according to your needs and time schedule via Instant chat, Telegram, Skype, etc.

ICO Marketing

ICO marketing experts will prepare the marketing strategy to promote the ICO tokens to the right target audience. their marketing activities like Social media promotion, Press Release, Community building, Email marketing and much more.

Custom Software Development

A dedicated team of ICOCLONE enables us to works your entire development process without you spend on more time and effort. your only task is to manage and control the development process. their task is to develop the custom ICO software with necessary features like KYC/AML, digital payment gateway, roadmap and much more.

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