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How to launch an ICO? Beginners guide!

How to launch an ICO? Beginners guide!

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·Feb 28, 2020·

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The hype around Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency keeps growing. An ICO or Initial coin offering is popular for companies to raise funds through cryptocurrency.

Companies launch a digital token or coin and sell it to investors in exchange for bitcoin, ether, or other cryptocurrencies.

Here is a comprehensive checklist designed to help you how to launch an ICO

Come up with an idea and make sure your project really needs ICO

If you want your project to be successful, it has to offer current demanding market solutions and this solution should be much better than what your competitor has to offer. To attain that you need to understand the market needs and know your target audience.

Typically most of the ICO projects are developed on Blockchain technology. But it is not necessary that your service or product on the blockchain.

Once your firm understanding the idea, it is time to draft a white paper.

Still, in most countries, ICOs are either legal, regulated, and subject to future regulations. Only China and South Korea have banned Initial coin offerings in their respective jurisdictions

Here are some of the ICO legal countries

Switzerland Singapore Malaysia United States Europe countries Estonia Malta

Write or Draft a White paper

A white paper is a technical document that explains every aspect of your idea from market analysis, a vision of the project, mission of the project, development strategy, token distribution, legal issues, information of your token, description of your team, and so on.

Once you complete the draft of your project, gather a team and contact the advisors.

Create an ICO token

Creating a token is the core stage of an ICO launch. Before creating your token you need to understand the factors like how many tokens you want to issue and raise and how many to sell during Pre-ICO and crowd sale.

You can create your token on the Ethereum platform without the need to creating the blockchain from scratch. A smart contract is the computer program that controls the token sale which allows the asset transaction between third parties under certain conditions.

Launch a website

Launching a website is essential to introduce your tokens to others. the three things such as project aim, team, and investors securities are essential for a successful ICO website launch.

The first section contains about your project, when the token sale is started and ended, link to your white paper, KYC/AML to verify the investors and demo video of how ICO project works.

The team section contains name, photography, biographies, and social links like Facebook and Linkedin

PR and ICO marketing

It is time to promote your ICO to establish to find the right crypto investors for your business. Utilize email campaigns, Social media marketing, and other marketing platforms to outreach the target audience and media.

Moreover, participate in cryptocurrency communities, Q/A sites like Quora, Forums like Bitcointalk help you to engage users for your business.

Why people go for anICO launch service?

Launching an ICO is not an easy one it requires some legal activities like KYC/AML verification, etc. therefore most people engaging ICO launch services for ICO launch.

ICOCLONE is one of the reliable ICO solutions providers that delivers end to end ICO launch services and can help you to launch your ICO. from white paper drafting, token creation, website launch, wallet development, our team of experts provides the best in class ICO services.

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